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I'm Fatih Demir 👽

Hello, I'm Fatih. I continue my adventure, which started as an Art Director in 2016, by designing the User Interface and Experience.

I am a graduate of the Radio and Television department, after having a production experience for a while, I embarked on my new adventure, which I dreamed of, to be a Designer!

My expertise is Designing Mobile Applications, Web Applications Interface and Experience. I've been doing this for close to four years and have worked on all kinds of digital projects and clients, from small startups to big companies.

I continue to improve myself on User Interface Coding. I also provide services in the fields of Animation and Video editing on demand.

Selected Work 🔧


Migros 👉 UX/UI Designer

I just joined the Migros family😇. New adventure ..😎



Freelance 👉 UI/UX Designer

This process, where I worked on a freelance basis, gave me the opportunity and experience to work with different product ranges and various teams. I also had the chance to gain serious experience in product development from scratch during this process, where I also brought my own ideas to life, and I continue to realize my dreams 😇 If you want to work with me, I'm here 😎



Thodex 👉 UI/UX Designer

During my short work here, I contributed to the process of improving the interface and user experience designs of the brand, supporting existing interface designs, creating social media ads for the brand's mobile applications, and conducting television sub-band work.



Tatildükkanı 👉 UI/UX Designer

During my short work here, I worked on improving the interface and user experience designs and creating social media advertising for the brand.



Granobra 👉 UI/UX Designer

It is my first job experience where my career adventure started and matured.During the time I worked here, I gained experience and development in every field that constitutes the building blocks of products and brands. Our focus was on product development and realizing the user experience and interface designs of the products.


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